My experience of the 10 sessions with Shawn has been nothing short of miraculous. Nothing could have prepared me for the degree to which this therapy has helped me look and feel so much better in every aspect of my life. I feel completely transformed into a much more strong, confident, beautiful, radiant and healthy person. Shawn has a great deal of integrity, skill and experience, and anyone who discovers her and her work are very lucky indeed.

-- Amy T. Reiki and LomiLomi Bodywork Practitioner

Shawn's amazing work always leaves me more open, grounded, relaxed and smiling : )

-- Kevin M. MBA, PhD

I have worked with physiotherapists most of my adult life due to poor posture and poor alignment. I heard about Structural Integration 8 years ago, so I set about acquainting myself with the practice. I began working with Shawn at that time and I noticed a release of old patterns and re-alignment which gave long lasting relief and improved my physical appearance. Shawn's practice is true to Ida Rolf's teachings. Shawn is perceptive about what needs to be worked on and how to go about it. She is committed to her practice - attending workshops and bringing new insight and energy to her sessions. I always look forward to my appointments with Shawn, she is the best in my opinion!

-- Silvana M. Financial Manager

I have had the pleasure of working with Shawn since 2012. Her intuitive sensitivity has guided me into a new sense of balance, harmony and trust within my body structure and my energetic and spiritual levels. I am able to stand up on the subway without holding on, run 10 km races, and most importantly my sciatica has vanished. Shawn is an integral part of my healing path.

-- James J. Designer/Artist

Structural Integration relieved my foot pain and allowed me to give up my orthotics. I feel lighter, breathe easier, and have less pain.

-- Donna D. Yoga Teacher and Nutritionist

When I met Shawn, almost ten years ago, I was at a stage in my life where everything was going wrong. I felt depressed and had very low self-esteem. I felt tired most of the time, I had no energy. I was plagued with recurring low back pain, terrible migraines, accompanied by nausea, stomach aches and neck tension. In a word, I was a mess. I read about Structural Integration in our local paper and called Shawn. That telephone call has been the best move of my life. After a few treatments, the results were so incredible, that I told many friends about the work. They are as thrilled about their treatments as I was and still am, because I continue to receive maintenance work.

-- Marsha B. Translator

Shawn does masterful work. Thank you Shawn for 'resculpting' me.

-- Stavros S. Film writer, director, producer