How long is a session?

On average sessions are 75 minutes and sometimes run longer depending on what is needed.

How long between sessions?

This can be decided based on your needs. Generally, once a week works well.

What hours are you open?

My hours are flexible from Monday to Friday. Call me to arrange a time that works best for you.

Is the work painful?

I work to make contact with my hands on your body in a way that invites you to deeply relax and let go of tension. Pleasant, not painful.

Is Structural Integration different from Rolfing?

Dr. Rolf originally called her work Structural Integration. Later, her work became known as Rolfing ® and this term has been trademarked by a school for bodywork. I have had the privilege of learning Structural Integration from Ida Rolf's most senior students who were dedicated to her original teachings, at the Guild for Structural Integration in 1990.